Issue #5: Asos on TikTok

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We are very excited about TikTok as a brand new platform for creativity and think this topic is severely under-explored.

TikTok Case Study #5 = Asos

The online fashion and cosmetic retailer Asos has just launched a new campaign on TikTok called the #AySauce campaign. In partnership with Byte London, Karm and a group of creators, the campaign started running in both the UK and US on August 31. The #AySauce challenge encourages TikTok users to participate by showcasing their top three favourite outfits within 15 seconds.

Simon’s Take:

In TV, a big production was all about budget and special effects. With TikTok, it's often all about the talent. The new #AySauce campaign goes big with a wealth of creators - 25, with a total following of over 200 million. Plus a brand new track from Karm.

And the media buy looks big too - lots of TopView and In-feed ads in both the UK and the US.

But can this campaign get fans to show off their outfits? Does that feel more like an Instagram thing to do? Or post lockdown does everyone want to dress up?

We'll see. But it's clear that youth focused brands are building their marketing activity around TikTok.

Anthony’s Take:

This campaign is pretty involved and consists of a lot of different components. I’m sure that’s exciting for brands who want to try out the new creative canvas of TikTok. And for particularly ambitious creative agencies, TikTok presents a lot of brand new creative opportunities.

Think about it — this Asos campaign has a dedicated music track, an AR branded effect, TopView ads, In-Feed ads, a branded hashtag challenge AND a large group of creators to help execute the campaign across two different countries. This is definitely an evolution in the way Asos is reaching their customers!

And all of this ends up creating massive UGC for the Asos brand. From looking at the challenge’s TikTok page, there have been 858 Million views so far. I wonder the long-term effects on brand equity when you have millions of people recording a video, doing a dance and completing a challenge all in the name of your brand.

This isn’t a simple photo or video ad on social, but an entirely new immersive beast. Looking forward to seeing more!

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