Issue #40 - Ray-Ban on TikTok

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We are very excited about TikTok as a brand new platform for creativity and think this topic is severely under-explored.

TikTok Case Study #40 = #RayBanElevatorDance

Simon’s Take:

It’s obvious that any smart marketing is cross platform these days. Taking content from one platform to another increases reach and - done properly - expands the possibilities of the creative idea. But where do you start?

Brands tend to have a bigger audience on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube than on TikTok. Why? Because of both the time on these platforms and the way the platform mechanics - or grammar - facilitates followers, fans or subscribers. TikTok is harder to crack.

But we encourage starting with TikTok because the creative possibilities are so much better. The app is an awesomely powerful creative tool (that is really easy to use) and the rich grammar of the platform provides a smorgasbord of ingredients that can be combined into fresh new recipes.

The new Ray-Ban campaign is promising but the focus feels like it’s on Instagram, where their collaboration with Charli XCX is celebrated in their You’re On campaign. The TikTok element is a dance challenge called the #RayBanElevatorChallenge, with people dancing to the You’re On song - which is credited to Ray-Ban rather than an artist - very neat.

One tactic we have covered a lot is the advantage big brands have in that fans have easy access to the product, so can feature it in their videos. Thereby clearly branding the activity.

Think of our coverage of Pepsi, Pringles and even Starbucks. Ray-Ban enjoy a similar advantage, as just about everyone has a pair of Ray-Bans. But does making the elevator an integral part excludes many who don't have access? - especially in these days of WFH.

Still with almost 3900 videos and over 16bn views it’s done well. Although the tutorial video from the official Ray-Ban account has just 180k views and 4500 likes. The account has just 8000 followers and 10k likes. Versus 5m likes on Instagram. Still work to be done.

Anthony’s Take:

Ray-Ban is a super cool company with great products that I don’t hear about often enough. To see the brand utilise TikTok is a smart move, especially in order for them to connect with younger audiences. With a simple dance challenge, Ray-Ban seems to be diving into their first major TikTok campaign with the #RayBanElevatorDance. At the moment, Ray-Ban’s official TikTok account only has 8000 followers and only 36 videos ranging from December 2019 to April 2021. There is plenty of opportunity for the company to tap into the TikTok zeitgeist.

I would offer the brand a few suggestions to find even deeper success on TikTok in the future. If I was quickly scrolling through my TikTok feed and saw one of these Ray-Ban videos, it wouldn’t be immediately clear to me that the video is from the eyewear brand. My guess might be that this is coming from a fast fashion brand like Asos. There could be clearer Ray-Ban differentiation.

The current ‘Elevator Dance’ doesn’t really provide a great opportunity to showcase the product, the actual Ray-Ban glasses. In some of the official Ray-Ban videos from influencers, you see people show a Ray-Ban case at the beginning fo the video, but it’s executed inconsistently across the different creators. I’m also unclear about the brand’s relevant connection to an elevator?

Maybe Ray-Ban could have focused on a challenge that encouraged people to zoom in on their faces. Ray-Bans are worn on your head, and having a ‘head-themed’ challenge allows TikTok users to more prominently display the Ray-Bans.

When I used to work at Facebook/Instagram advising clients on mobile creative, the data often told us that it was important to display your product’s branding at the beginning of the video. Having more obvious Ray-Ban branding and a more eyewear-friendly dance challenge would likely have improved the results of this campaign.

Regardless of how I felt about the campaign, the #RayBanElevatorDance🕶 hashtag resulted in 16.4 Billion views, which is a lot! I’m sure Ray-Ban’s marketing team and agency hit their reach KPIs out of the park. When it comes to other brand metrics or even conversion metrics, I would be curious to know whether the campaign met expectations. Either way, Ray-Ban deserves praise for their work on TikTok!

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