Issue #4: Dettol on TikTok

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We are very excited about TikTok as a brand new platform for creativity and think this topic is severely under-explored.

TikTok Case Study #4 = Dettol

Simon’s Take:

There are many things to admire about the Dettol hand wash challenge. The numbers grab attention - 125 Billion views - and the development of the hashtag challenge is perfectly executed. But what really resonates is the vision. It is easy to take a cool brand onto TikTok or one targeted young. But to take a classic CPG brand and find a way to use TikTok is super smart.

The traditional playbook for CPG is mass reach - usually through linear TV - for salience or mental availability. Dettol met these objectives with a new medium and rewrote the rule book. Can't wait to see it as case study in the next Bryon Sharp book. Watch our interview with the exec behind the campaign for the full story.

Anthony’s Take:

Dettol is not necessarily a sexy brand. Most people, especially in my generation, don’t get up in the morning excited to use a disinfectant brand. With this TikTok campaign, Dettol has actually connected well with younger audiences and showed that they don’t need to take themselves too seriously. It’s worked well enough that people all around the world were willing to record a video of themselves washing their hands. I also like the very timely public health and safety message during the time of coronavirus.

The number of views this achieved (125 Billion if you check ‘HandWashChallenge’ on TikTok) is kind of mind boggling. You need to take a step back and understand where this number is coming from. The campaign took place across several markets and is a combination of the official videos created by the influencers and the videos organically created by people who wanted to participate in the challenge. Don’t forget that the number accumulates over time. Even if the challenge happened earlier this year, you can go watch handwash challenge videos on TikTok right now and it will add to the overall view count. This ‘mass-participation UGC’ you can have on TikTok is truly a marvel of the internet age.

Click here to see a replay of the TikTok webinar we hosted featuring David Hoctor from TikTok’s Brand Partnerships Team and Pankaj Duhan, Marketing Director of RB South Asia.

Bonus Case Study: The Weeknd’s TikTok Concert

On August 7th, The Weeknd hosted a live, interactive concert on TikTok that resulted in 2 Million unique viewers, 275,000 concurrent viewers at the peak, and a total of 1.3 Billion views of the hashtag #TheWeekndEXP. A virtual avatar of the Weeknd appeared onstage and played different songs while also allowing audience members to vote on the visual theme of the concert. The event also successfully raised $350,00 for the Equal Justice Initiative. From Travis Scott’s Fornite Concert to the Weeknd’s TikTok concert, our virtual concert future seems filled with possibility.

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