Issue #3: Three on TikTok

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Welcome to Good TikTok Creative!

We are Simon Andrews and Anthony McGuire, two people who have been working in marketing, advertising and media for decades.

We are very excited about TikTok as a brand new platform for creativity and think this topic is severely under-explored.

TikTok Case Study #3 = Three

Simon’s Take:

Simplicity (nearly) always trumps complexity. This TikTok from UK Telecoms firm Three demonstrates this perfectly. 

A few hours (?) re-organizing your apps gives you this strangely satisfying layout. And the soundtrack adds its own element too. ASMR indeed.

Sometimes you don’t need the arsenal of creative techniques the TikTok app enables. Just a good idea.

Our one question would be why this hasn't been boosted with some paid spend behind it.

Anthony’s Take:

If you scroll to the previous video on Three’s profile, you’ll realise that this video is part of a broader series of TikToks based around the idea of phone tips.

One video shares a hack for people to fix their damaged iPhone. Another video is an iPhone torch hack for late night reading. A few other videos are just funny, short skits.

Three has conveyed a very playful, informative, and casual tone of voice with their content on TikTok. Whoever is managing their TikTok account is doing a good job, and there is still so much more they could be doing.

Like Simon was saying, Three has only posted organic content on TikTok without any paid ads. This specific video we are showcasing has gotten over 1.2 Million video views organically.

Three is a pretty large advertiser and I would imagine TikTok ads are on their roadmap in the not too distant future.

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