Issue #1: Apple on TikTok

Welcome to Good TikTok Creative!

Welcome to Good TikTok Creative!

We are Simon Andrews and Anthony McGuire, two people who have been working in marketing, advertising and media for decades.

We are very excited about TikTok as a brand new platform for creativity and think this topic is severely under-explored.

Last month we hosted a webinar on the power of TikTok for brands, where we interviewed David Hoctor (EMEA Brand Partnerships, TikTok) and Pankaj Duhan (Marketing Director, RB South Asia).

You can watch the webinar recording here:

We were inundated with feedback and people kept asking us the same question:

What are some good creative examples on TikTok?

And so we created this weekly newsletter to answer that big question.

By showcasing some of the best creative work happening on TikTok around the globe, we hope this newsletter helps people get a better understanding of what is possible on the platform.

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TikTok Case Study #1 = Apple

Simon’s Take:

If you consider the Apple heritage in ads - like FKA Twigs dancing to Anderson Paak in the wonderful Spike Jonze-directed HomePod Ad - TikTok is natural for them. This watch ad uses music from Stush & Outzida and suits the context perfectly. We have seen a number of Apple ads and they seem to be using a variety of placements - so some testing and learning going on?

Anthony’s Take:

You will notice that Apple uses their classic level of high quality production and professionalism in this ad. I think that’s an interesting contrast to most TikTok content, which are generally raw, unpolished videos. TikTok has a pretty diverse creative canvas - from people doing funny dances in front of their bathroom mirror to ads from the biggest brand in the world.

Have you seen good creative on TikTok recently? Let us know and we can feature it in a future newsletter.